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A wedding is a once – in – a lifetime event, and flowers play a special part. They add that touch of poetic charm, elegance and sophistication to this special day.


Your baby’s baptism symbolizes a new beginning, a new welcoming in life!
For this great moment we create the most beautiful floral arrangements for you.

As a widely recognized company, Neda Decorations has elevated the standard of excellence in design for more than 26 years. From transforming contemporary design into legendary events to driving brand campaigns and creating one of – a – kind weddings, we develop high style concepts that are authentic and captivating.

As we are specialized in floral design for events, we provide high quality floral design services for companies and brands. This includes corporate events, floral and green installations, photo shoots and more.


Frequently Asked Questions

Like in the fashion industry, so in flowers, trends dominate. The new season is surrounded by a mood for pluralism, bright colors, rich foliage and luxurious blooms. This is always our proposal: energy, movement, color harmony, innovation, ingenuity. For the bridal bouquet, the uniqueness comes from the combination of colors, harmony, movement and the variety of flowers.

All of the projects we take over are custom made, therefore we do not provide pre-made packages. However, according to the budget of each client, we can create the ideal result for him, which will be impressive and a good value for money!

An ideal time to be able to initially reserve the date you want is that of six months.